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Tracie Berry-McGhee: Keepers vs. Cliques

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Keynote Presenter Tracie Berry-McGhee says girls often join two very different kinds of groups – cliques and “keepers” — and these groups function quite differently.

Watch Girl Drama Presenter Tracie Berry-McGhee contrast “keepers” and cliques.

Founder of the SistaKeeper Empowerment Center, Tracie is also the author of SistaKeeper Poetry for the Soul, I’m a Keeper and OWN your NOW. She will present a keynote session entitled Girl Drama: Best Practices to Help Educators Reduce Relational Aggression, Cyberbullying & Emotional Violence at the Girl Bullying & Empowerment Conference in Orlando. She will also keynote in Atlanta.

Now in its 12th year, the Girl Bullying & Empowerment Conference  which is part of the Innovative Schools Summit – has raised awareness of the unique nature of female relationships and provided solutions for relational aggression among girls. This conference helps educators understand the latest research, while learning about field-tested strategies designed to build positive, supportive relationships among girls. REGISTER NOW!


Craig Boykin: Right Motives, Wrong Methods

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Keynote Speaker Craig Boykin says “at-risk youth don’t care about your curriculum and lesson plans until you start caring about their circumstances.”


Watch Craig Boykin explain what at-risk students need from educators.

Craig Boykin has fast become one of our most acclaimed speakers.  Author of several books, Craig will present a 3-hour pre-conference session entitled Helping Educators Overcome Cultural Poverty, Disengaged Parents, and Apathetic Students at the At-Risk & Struggling Students Conference in Atlanta. 

The At-Risk & Struggling Students Conference focuses on evidence-based programs and strategies that educators can use to prevent dropouts and to help students experience success in school. More than 1.2 million students in the United States and Canada drop out of high school each year (with the percentages skewed toward males, low-income and minority students). Millions more are considered at-risk because they exhibit ongoing disciplinary problems, impulsive behavior, truancy issues and have become frustrated or disengaged. The long-term cost of failing to engage these students is tremendous, since they are much less likely to transition successfully into adulthood and to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Join us in Atlanta to gain valuable insights and to explore practical ways to help this critical portion of your school’s population.  REGISTER NOW!

The Power of “Not Yet” – Lisa King

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Keynote Speaker Lisa King says it is crucial for students to be encouraged to develop a growth mindset early – cultivating their talents and abilities through effort and persistence.

Watch Lisa King explain the power of “not yet is OK” as it relates to the learning process.

Lisa King is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified School Counselor. She is the author of Mindset Matters: A Counseling Curriculum to Help Students Understand How to Help Themselves Succeed with a Growth Mindset.  She will deliver a keynote presentation on this topic at the Counseling Strategies & Resources Conference in Orlando.

This conference will feature best practices from educators and other professionals working with youth. Some programs will be research-tested, while others will be promising, innovative approaches created by practicing professionals to help them better connect with different types of students. REGISTER NOW!

When Students Fear & Avoid School

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In 2015, about 5 percent of students reported that they avoided at least one school activity or class or one or more places in school during the previous school year because they thought someone might attack or harm them. Predictably, the most cited places students avoid include stairs, hallways and the cafeteria.

May 2017, National Center for Education Statistics

In 2018, the NextGen School Safety Conference is coming to Las Vegas (July 10-13) as part of the Innovative Schools Summit.  At the NextGen School Safety Conference, school safety coordinators, school resource officers, principals, heads of school, superintendents, board members, student services directors, risk management directors, loss control coordinators, health services coordinators, school nurses and human resources personnel will come together to focus on all aspects of improving the physical safety of students and educators.  REGISTER NOW!

Dr. Michael Gurian: Using Story Panels to Boost Writing Skills in Boys

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Dr. Michael Gurian to Keynote Inaugural Boy Brains & Engagement Conference!

Boy Brains & Engagement Speaker Dr. Michael Gurian says that boys are often at a disadvantage when schools teach writing from a verbal perspective – which typically only engages the left brain.  Instead, he believes boys can benefit from a writing approach that engages the visual and spatial elements of the right brain as well.


Watch Dr. Michael Gurian offer a strategy for helping boys with writing assignments.

Founder of the Gurian Institute and New York Times bestselling author of 28 books, Dr. Gurian will present a plenary session entitled Boys and Girls Learn Differently:  Why Gender Based Instruction Works at the Boy Brains & Engagement Conference in Atlanta.  He will also deliver a keynote session entitled The Minds of Boys: Best Practices for Counseling Boys and Young Men.

Boys are more likely to be held back, suspended or expelled.  They are also more likely to drop out of school, and comprise only 43 percent of college students.  This conference will help educators understand and support the unique neurochemistry of the male brain.  



Mike Paget: 5 Keys to Support All Student Personalities

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As one of our most sought-after presenters, Wired Differently Keynoter Mike Paget speaks to thousands of educators each year to help them improve how they are supporting and teaching students who have emotional/behavioral challenges – while avoiding an unmanageable classroom environment.


Watch Mike Paget describe the overarching themes vital to supporting a full range of student personalities.

A national speaker, consultant and author, Mike Paget will deliver a keynote address at the Wired Differently Conference in Las Vegas. He will also present a breakout session during the main conference.

Now in its 6th year, the Wired Differently Conference is an information-packed event that showcases a wide array of best practices for reaching and teaching students with emotional and behavioral challenges – especially in inclusive settings.  REGISTER NOW!

Rejecting Student Stereotypes: Robert Jackson

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School Discipline Keynote speaker Robert Jackson has been a crowd favorite for the past two years. He cautions educators against passing judgement on students’ learning potential based on outward appearances or exposure to environmental dysfunction.


Watch Robert Jackson discuss the importance of troubleshooting student issues before jumping to conclusions.

Author of the No More Excuses curriculum, Robert will present a keynote session entitled Building Cultural Awareness & Effective Communication with Staff/Students. He will also deliver a breakout session called Strategies & Solutions for Educating Black/Latino Males at the School Discipline Conference in Orlando and Atlanta.

Now in its 7th year, the School Discipline Conference is a must-attend gathering for principals, deans, teachers and counselors focused on improving academic performance by applying the most current innovations and research to behavior intervention and classroom management. Special focus will be given to supportive, non-exclusionary disciplinary practices.  REGISTER NOW!