It Happens in the Hallway: Fostering Supportive School Climate (K-12)

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With zero-dollar budgets, standardized testing, and data-driven accountability, one constant remains…the number of steps each educator takes between their vehicle into the school building and back again. With simple adjustments, within your realm of control, what each person does in between those steps can have tremendous impact on student success.

In this 90-minute strategy-driven webinar, Sam Stecher and Mark Johnson will provide key insights for improving the learning climate school-wide. Co-authors of It Happens in the Hallway, school climate authorities and current school administrators, Sam and Mark will guide attendees through easy-to-implement field-tested strategies and activities designed to be used weekly with staff and students to change your school climate. They will also discuss practical ways to improve student-to-student, educator-to-student and educator-to-educator relationships while gaining buy-in for climate change efforts. Attendees will receive free access to web-based support to provide continuous strategies, ideas and to help sustain initiatives in the future. 


    • Improving Relationships
    • Four Fundamental Ways of Human Bonding
    • Lessons Learned in Addressing Challenging Student Behavior
    • Enhancing Student Motivation
    • Involving Stakeholders
    • Recruiting Advocates
    • Gaining Student Buy-In
    • Staff Missions
    • Student Missions 
    • Parent/Volunteer Missions 


    • Implement school-wide and community-based interventions.
    • Identify best practices to establish healthy relationships between students and staff. 
    • Create a positive environment while managing challenging behaviors. 
    • Apply stakeholder interactions which foster positive school community bonding on a consistent basis. 
    • Participate and foster participation in activities which enhance the school community climate. 


    • Classroom Teachers
    • Principals
    • Assistant Principals
    • Deans of Students
    • Behavior Specialists
    • School Counselors
    • School Social Workers (all levels)
    • School Psychologists
    • After-School Program Coordinators



Mark Johnson began his career as a 5th grade elementary teacher, where he served for twelve years before moving on to become an elementary principal.  He received the Milken Educator Award in 2004 and was also nominated as the New Outstanding Principal for the state of Nebraska in 2011. He currently serves as the Nebraska Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) President, and sits on the Nebraska Council of School Administrators (NCSA) Board. He travels around the country with his friend, Sam Stecher, and speaks to educators about why they have the best jobs in the whole world.

Sam Stecher is presently Superintendent of East Butler Public Schools in Brainard, Nebraska.  Prior to this endeavor he spent several years as an elementary principal and high school dean of students.  He got his start in education as a teacher as a middle school teacher and coach.  He is also co-founder, with Mark Johnson, of educational consulting firm – which specializes in providing teachers, schools and communities with interventions to foster a positive school culture. Together they authored It Happens in the Hallway, a dynamic account of the ideas and experiences of Mark and Sam as educators. Through entertaining and poignant storytelling they convey how they have achieved powerful and sustainable impact on the culture of the classrooms and communities they have served.

Webinar: 25 Tech Tools for Teachers (K-12) – September 17th @ 11:30 & 2:00

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With so much technology available, how does a teacher know what will work in the classroom?  For educators just getting their feet wet with technology integration to those currently using technology in the classroom, presenter Eric Clark will explore exciting 21st century tech tools that will increase student engagement and bring life into the classroom.

One-to-one computing, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Smart Boards and other improvements have revolutionized the technology environment in many North American classrooms, yet many educators have lagged behind in incorporating that technology into their instruction.  Many classrooms are not much different than they were 20 years ago except PowerPoint slides have replaced transparencies and papers are now submitted on computers.  But the potential is so much greater!

In this 90-minute webinar, Eric Clark will draw upon his experience as a media teacher, media entrepreneur, administrator and master trainer to help teachers sort through tools that they might find useful in their classrooms – while opening their minds to other ways to harness technology.


  • Poll Everywhere
  • Dropbox
  • TedTalk
  • Livebinders
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand
  • Powtoons
  • Lulu
  • Educreations


  • Discern the value of reverse mentoring in a technology-filled classroom.
  • Discover innovative ways to store and manage their lessons, files, and multi-media.
  • Integrate GarageBand and iMovie to create lessons centered on problem-based learning.
  • Educators will learn how to use online video to support lessons rather than sustain them.
  • Identify different tools to help students become authors, producers, and creators of multi-media projects.
  • Apply new technology tools and/or strategies to enrich technology integration within their respective classrooms.

Who Should Attend:

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Principals & Other School Administrators
  • Special Education Personnel
  • Academic Deans
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Technology Champions
  • Technology Committee Members



Eric Clark, M.Ed.

Eric Clark currently serves as Lead Administrator at a progressive private school in the Midwest.  Previously he served as principal in a public school setting, while also serving as the District’s Technology Integration Specialist, helping teachers weave technology into their lessons to boost engagement and accountability.  Eric began his education career teaching English Language Arts, Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism and Media Communications.  Between his other responsibilities, he found time to launch a successful local media company.


25 Tech Tools to Enhance Engagement Webinar – September 17, 2015 @ 11:30 am

Eventbrite - 25 Tech Tools to Enhance Engagement Webinar - September 17, 2015 @ 11:30 am

25 Tech Tools to Enhance Engagement Webinar – September 17, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
Eventbrite - 25 Tech Tools to Enhance Engagement Webinar - September 17, 2015 @ 2:00 pm


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October 2015 One-Day Seminar Schedules Announced!

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JUST ANNOUNCED: Wired Differently October Seminars with Mike Paget

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Fundamentals of Self-Regulation Webinar – August 20, 2015

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If you had only 5 or 10 minutes with a student, what skills could you teach that would give him/ her the best chance to succeed academically and in ALL aspects of life?

Self-Regulation, sometimes called executive functioning, is a critical competency of universal skills necessary for academic success, emotional control and healthy social interaction. Self-regulated children are able to delay gratification and suppress impulses long enough to process consequences of their actions or recognize alternative actions that might lead to more positive outcomes. Helping children learn self-regulation earlier in life will greatly increase the positive impact on their academic performance challenges, anger problems, anxieties, school safety issues, self-esteem struggles, social troubles and more.

In this informative 90-minute webinar, author and consultant Brad Chapin will provide key strategies to use with all students – but especially those who have behavioral/emotional self-control and/or impulse-control issues. The insights, strategies and activities presented in this webinar are based soundly upon the evidence base of cognitive-behavior psychology. They are also consistent with the principles founding the RTI/MTSS, Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports and Responsibility-Centered Discipline movements. These approaches are creative, fresh and engaging in a way that will help create quick and observable changes in young people. Mr. Chapin will provide concrete lessons targeting each of the 3 skill-training areas identified in the Self-Regulation Training System (Physical, Emotional and Cognitive Regulation.)

Eventbrite - Fundamentals of Self-Regulation Webinar - August 20, 2015 @ 11:30 am

Fundamentals of Self-Regulation Webinar – August 20, 2015 @ 11:30 am

Eventbrite - Fundamentals of Self-Regulation Webinar - August 20, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
Fundamentals of Self-Regulation Webinar – August 20, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

• Develop an understanding of the Self-Regulation framework sufficient for teaching it to students and parents.
• Apply step-by-step strategies to teach young people how to increase Self-Regulation.
• Implement strategies in a way that is most effective for addressing multiple behavioral problem areas.
• Report measurable outcomes from the application of Self-Regulation strategies.

• Classroom Teachers
• Principals & Other School Administrators
• Deans
• Special Education Personnel
• School Counselors
• Social Workers (all levels)
• At-Risk Coordinators
• Parent Advocates
• School Psychologists



Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP
A leading authority on Self-regulation, Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP is a masters level psychologist with a passion for helping others learn the skills necessary for success and happiness. He is a best-selling author and nationally-recognized speaker in the area of Self-Regulation. He has served as the Director of Child and Adult Community Services for a large mental health center where he supervised 65 mental health field staff. Currently, he serves as Director of Clinical Services for Stormont-Vail Behavioral Health Services.
Brad created the Self-Regulation Training System from a practical, research-based foundation. His strategies have helped thousands of people develop the skills necessary for success in job and academic performance, relationships and overall wellness.
Brad is the author of Helping Young People Learn Self-Regulation (now in its second printing), Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation, The Legend of the Regulators and the SECRET List – and the soon-to-be-released Helping Pre-K Students Learn Self-Regulation. He has also created several DVDs and additional resources for helping students learn Self-Regulation skills.

Molly Barker Names Tracie Berry-McGhee 1st “Ripple Person”

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These two inspiring women recently met at the Las Vegas Innovative Schools Summit in June. Both Girls on the Run and SistaKeeper STL have a laser-like focus on encouraging friendship, sisterhood and building other types of supportive relationships among girls.  We are excited to see how these two powerhouses continue to empower girls and women! Thank you Molly and Tracie!

Molly Barker meeting Tracie Berry-McGhee
Molly Barker meeting Tracie Berry-McGhee

(Taken from Molly Barker’s Facebook:

Let me joyfully introduce the first Ripple Person of the Ride! Tracy Berry-McGhee. She is the founder and creator of SistaKeeper STL. Tracy is an inspiring woman using the power of the spoken word and listening circles to give voice to girls in communities throughout St. Louis (and the nation.)

She kindly gave me a tour of her community yesterday. Here are some photos highlighting our time together.

We ate lunch at Cathy’s Kitchen and Tracy introduced me to Cathy Jenkins. Kind, warm and welcoming she stopped by our table to be sure the food was up to the reputation the restaurant had acquired. Tracy told me the story of how folks from Ferguson, locked arms in front of Cathy’s Kitchen to ward off violent protestors during the verdict protests. The restaurant has been a gathering place of kindness, love and warmth…for years…and still is.

She drove me to the Ferguson swimming pool, where kids of all colors flew down the swirly sliding board and families lay out in the sun.

She drove me through the apartment complex where Michael Brown lived. I saw the spot on the road where he died. There is now a newer square of black asphalt that covers the spot. There were apartments on either side close to the road, kids playing and folks sitting out on their porches.

Tracy and I spent a good amount of time in her office…a very warm and welcoming space…a small table fountain gurgling peaceful waters. I smelled the faint hint of incense. Posters of strong African-American women on the wall and empowering quotes and words of wisdom were scattered everywhere.

We talked and talked and listened to one another. Tracy’s program is powerful. She empowers through listening. She creates safe places for girls to share their fears, their hopes, their anger, their sorrows, their dreams…their love. She speaks of the feminine divine and the healing gifts it can bring to our wounded neighborhoods and the people who live in them. She has introduced Sista Keepers to hundreds of folks and wants to introduce it to hundreds more. I look forward to helping her however I can.

We finished up the day walking the Labyrinth at the Zion Church in Florissant, MI. I felt the peace I’d be searching for on my way out here, settle in. Finally.

I heard a distant train let go it’s mournful noise and thought of the poem my new and fast friend Robert, shared with me just this morning.

I found a cardinal feather.

Molly Barker's photo.
Molly Barker's photo.
Molly Barker's photo.
Molly Barker's photo.