DR Offers Onsite Professional Development at Your School or District

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Bring Developmental Resources Professional Development Events to Your School or District

Interactive and Strategy-Packed Presentations to Help Educators Work Successfully with Challenging Students

Helping Educators Help Challenging Students

For nearly 25 years, Developmental Resources has provided continuing education events to help educators work effectively with challenging students. These professional development events help drive academic success and have been acclaimed for their informative, practical content and knowledgeable, engaging presenters.  Intensive multi-day Developmental Resources conferences – such as the National Conference on Girl Bullying and Relational Aggression, the National Conference on School Discipline, the National Conference on Innovative Counseling Skills and Strategies and the National Conference on Students Who Are Wired Differently – offer
attendees an opportunity to benefit from the perspectives of both internationally recognized experts and innovative practitioners.

One-day Developmental Resources seminars – such as Mean Girls (Girl Bullying), Wired Differently (Students with Emotional Disorders), Self-Regulation and Difficult Students – provide a concentrated opportunity to gain knowledge and practical ideas from an insightful presenter with expertise in the field.

Live and recorded Developmental Resources 90-minute webinars enable attendees to access – from their own desktop or workplace – how-to training from specialists on a variety of topics ranging from bullying to current
education legal issues to self-injury.

Workshops and Other Presentations

Developmental Resources presenters are available to provide tailored workshops, one-day and two-day events on
a variety of topics including:

• Common Core Challenges
• Bullying/Cyberbullying
• Working with Drama Kings & Drama Queens
• Intra-Racial Bullying
• Relational Aggression
• Classroom Success for the Spectrum: Autism & Asperger’s
• Career Guidance Strategies
• Effective Leadership Skills for Students
• Brain Research
• Child/Adolescent Social-Emotional Issues
• Spectrum Disorders in the Classroom
• Teaching Students in Poverty
• Impulse Control Skills & Strategies
• School Safety/Violence Prevention
• School Crisis Intervention
• Dealing with Challenging Behavior
• Anger Management Skills
• Grief & Loss in Children/Adolescents
• Teaching Social Skills to Students
• Anxiety in Young People
• Self-Injury
• Suicide Prevention

Contact us at info@dev-resources.com or call 800-775-9674 for more information or to schedule one-hour, half-day, one-day or two-day training options.

One-Day Seminars

Mean Girls: What Educators Can Do to Address & Prevent Female Bullying, Cyberbullying & Relational Aggression – This information-packed seminar presents research-based insights, with a focus on current best practices and an eye toward the latest cyber trends. Learn how to instill social/emotional connections and take practical steps to empower positive change with aggressors, victims and bystanders.

Wired Differently: 5 Keys to Working with Students with “Acting Out” & “Acting In” Disorders – With up to 20% of students diagnosable with a mental, emotional or behavioral health issues, this seminar helps teachers, counselors and other professionals understand how to support and teach this high-potential portion of the student population.

Self-Regulation: Teaching Impulse Control to Students with Social-Emotional & Behavioral Issues – This practical seminar will help educators implement strategies for improving self-regulation in students, thereby enhancing social/emotional skills and promoting academic performance. An emphasis is placed on monitoring and reporting measurable outcomes.

Difficult Students: How to Unlock Their Potential (and Survive the Process) – This one-day event helps educators achieve academic success by using Responsibility-Centered Discipline principles to work successfully with defiant, manipulative, apathetic and attentionseekingstudents. Administrators and teachers learn a five-step process that will transform interactions with students.

Mean Boys: Research-Based Insights & Innovative Strategies for Preventing Bullying & Helping Troubled Boys – Today’s bullies and other troubled boys often need focused, supportive interventions that reach them in their own gender-affected world. This researchbased seminar will help educators understand what makes boys tick and provide tips and strategies for working with individuals and groups.

Success on the Spectrum: Helping Students with Autism & Asperger’s Thrive & Succeed in the Inclusive Classroom – This one-day seminar provides educators with a multitude of strategies to support the successful inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Emphasis is placed on using research-based strategies including Applied Behavior Analysis.

Drama Kings & Drama Queens: Insights & Strategies for Working with Chronically Drama-Stirring Students (and Those They Hook) – Drama-stirring and hyper-reactive students can prove quite challenging for professional educators. This insightful seminar identifies common drama-stirring tactics and provides strategies for helping hyper-reactive students learn more effective social and emotional behaviors.

Responsibility-Centered Discipline

rcd_coverResponsibility-Centered Discipline is based on six core concepts that work together to develop responsible students. Most schools fail to get lasting change in student behavior because students do not feel responsible for their actions. The RCD Process incorporates an ongoing model and practical tools like “Give ‘em Five” guided conversations and the “Response-Ability Process” to support full integration in a school or district. Training is conducted by Certified RCD Trainers and is broken into two separate sessions – one day for Basic Skills and one day for Advanced Skills. Some schools choose to begin the implementation process with an independent Basic Skills session. In each session, participants receive a comprehensive workbook which is designed to enhance training and increase retention. The training is dynamic and attendees are actively engaged in exploring strategies as they are presented. RCD schools typically see office referrals dramatically reduced and academic results significantly improved as students begin taking responsibility for their own behavior and success. For more information, contact AccuTrain 800-775-9674.



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