One Principal’s Mission: Improve attendance, lower latecomers to classes, increase scholarships and create a positive school climate.

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Breakout speaker Dave Derpak caught our eye at the National Conference on School Discipline in June.  While the session evaluations were certainly complimentary, it was the student ratings that we later found on that stood out most.  Principal Dave Derpak has used humor and a “no-nonsense” approach to build positive relationships with students over the years.  Here are what some students have had to say about him:

“Mr. Derpak is the greatest human being I’ve met, and was the COOLEST principal ever.  He interacted with the students all the time, and was totally down to earth.”

“He’s pretty much what I imagine as the perfect principal, he cares about his students, he’s proud of his school and he talks to you like he’s your friend, not your superior.”

Establishing a good rapport with students is one thing, getting results from those same students who are known to habitually pull prank fire alarms is quite another.  Derpak has navigated this often tumultuous terrain masterfully and has managed to “bring order to a place of chaos.”

Read about Derpak’s strategy in this article from The Globe and Mail.

If you’d like to participate in a web-based training with Dave Derpak and his colleague Chris Parker on Tough Love Meets Zero Tolerance, please visit to register.


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