“Text Neck” and 9 Other Dangers of Texting/Social Media

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Google “Texting Dangers” and you will find a bevy of stories about the dangers of texting and driving — a serious danger which has been tragically documented. Huff Post Teen has assembled a list of 9 other texting/social media dangers that you may not have considered — including:

  • Text Neck
  • Dry Eyes
  • Insomnia
  • Drinking & Smoking
  • Bad Grades

Click to view entire list.

While the Northeast Symposium on Social Media in Schools will not offer a solution to “Text Neck,” it will provide an excellent opportunity to gain legal, psychological, preventive and research insights into the potential impact of social media on both educators and students.  This two-day symposium will provide critical information for technology professionals, principals, teachers, counselors and other educators on topics such as:

  • Walking the lethal legal tightrope between avoiding liability and violating First Amendment rights
  • Recognizing and minimizing the negative psychological impact of social media use and abuse
  • Understanding the implications of the latest research into the dynamics and effects of cyberbullying and social media abuse
  • Preventive tools and strategies to help students and educators avoid the lasting pain of cyberbullying and the misuse of technology.

This strategy-packed two-day event will feature recognized experts including Charles P.E. Leitch, Esq. (Legal), Dr. Chamarlyn Fairley (Psychological), Dr. Sameer Hinduja (Cyber Research) and Richard Guerry (Prevention Strategies).  It will also provide recommended approaches, strategies and activities that will help to update your understanding of the ever-changing social media and cyberbullying world and best practices for prevention and intervention.


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