School Safety: Media Coverage vs. Reality

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Media coverage of the hazards faced in K-12 schools is vastly out of proportion with the actual risks students and teachers face, according to a recent report that looked at government data from 1998-2012.

Including the Columbine and Sandy Hook incidents, deaths from active shooter incidents average about 4 per year, according to a report written by Stephen C. Satterly Jr. On the other hand, school transportation deaths average about 35 per year. Other “hot-button” issues like gang incidents and bullying result in 2 or fewer deaths per year.

school safety stats table

At the NextGen Conference, school safety coordinators, school resource officers, principals, heads of school, superintendents, board members, student services directors, risk management directors, loss control coordinators, transportation directors, health services coordinators, school nurses and human resources personnel will come together to focus on all aspects of improving the physical safety of students.

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