Active Intruder Response: Layering Lockdown

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Advance Registration Closing April 30th, 2015.

NextGen School Safety Keynote Speaker Vaughn Baker defines the “reaction phase” as the time between the beginning of a crisis event and the time of police arrival. Waiting for police to arrive and not knowing what to do in the meantime creates high levels of anxiety.  According to Baker, advanced staff training and preparation is what fills the “reaction phase gap” – which can last between 4-9 minutes.

Watch Vaughn Baker describe strategies for layering and reinforcing lockdown during crisis events.

Vaughn is president of Strategos International and has trained thousands of educators how to be prepared for a potential incident.  A former SWAT team member who won a number of awards, he will present a keynote session entitled When Lockdown Fails: Active Shooter Response for School Personnel.  He will also present a breakout session, Behavior Pattern Recognition for School Violence, during the main conference.

At the NextGen Conference, school safety coordinators, school resource officers, principals, heads of school, superintendents, board members, student services directors, risk management directors, loss control coordinators, transportation directors, health services coordinators, school nurses and human resources personnel will come together to focus on all aspects of improving the physical safety of students.

(til Apr. 30th, 2015)
Regular Registration $425


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