Rafe Esquith: Shakespeare & Rock n’ Roll

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Innovative Teaching Strategies Keynoter Rafe Esquith is an internationally known author and speaker, but he still teaches 5th grade — to mostly ESL students — at Hobart Elementary in Los Angeles.

Watch Rafe Esquith share the foundations of his unique 5th-grade curriculum.

Esquith’s Room 56 is a culture built upon respect and the belief that his students can triumph over circumstances by learning skills that help them thrive not only in 5th grade, but later in life.  Rafe is the author of Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire and Real Talk for Real Teachers.

The Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference provides an opportunity for teachers, administrators, curriculum directors and other educators to learn new insights and strategies for reaching and teaching students PreK-12. It emphasizes evidence-based and novel instructional practices from national-exemplary programs.

Advance Registration $395
(Until May 31st)

Regular Registration $425


Pre-Conference Day is June 21st.  REGISTER HERE!

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The English Equation: It All Adds Up Like 1+2=3

Aaron Wiemeier
The Fearless Educator: Strategies for Working with the Most Angry, Adversarial & Avoidant Children & Adolescents

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UnTangled: What Educators Can Do When Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Becomes Smart, Tart & Falling Apart

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Mission Monday: A Plan to Make Your Classroom, Your School and Community a Better Place One Week at a Time

Jacque Wisnauskas
Understanding POV:  The Gateway to Reaching and Teaching the Aspie

Dr. Tom Maglisceau
Beyond ‘Grit’ & Resiliency: Empowering Students for Success Through Transformational Schools

David Derpak
Transforming School Climate: Simple Strategies with Tremendous Impact

Mike Paget
5 Keys for Working with Students with “Acting Out” and “Acting In” Disorders


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