4.67 on a Scale of 5

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Regular classroom teachers, special needs teachers, counselors, social workers, principals and other administrators love the Wired Differently Conference.  In anonymous evaluations received following the 2014 conference, attendees rated the overall conference 4.67 on a scale of 5.  Here is some of the positive feedback:

“Loved the relevance, the connection and the timely research blended seamlessly together.”

“Got lots of new strategies for working in the general ed classroom with students who are wired differently.”

“Loved the quality and variety of information!”

“It was a fun event where I could re-energize and grow professionally.”

“As a special ed teacher, I don’t get this information anywhere else – and it is so needed!”

“So valuable and empowering ! It went straight to my heart.”

“Wonderful speakers.”

“Loved the positive emphasis on the student – and the need to create environments to promote success.”

“Amazing conference.”

“Loved the practical applications that were offered.”

“Very informative. I feel I have a lot of new and useful information to share with my colleagues.”

“Very cohesive – each session flowed smoothly into the next.”

“Loved all the different topics and being able to choose what we want to go to.”

“Loved that I could go to breakout sessions from any of the conferences. Gave me more options.”

“Excellent speakers; important information for all educators.”

“I plan to come next year and bring some general ed teachers.”

Now in its 3rd year, the Wired Differently Conference assembles this summer in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Niagara Falls. A wide array of critical insights and best practices will be shared for reaching and teaching students with emotional and behavioral conditions individually, in groups and in inclusive settings.

Registration $425


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