“Differentiation in Math,” “Neurodiversity,” “Tumblr as Teaching Tool” & More

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The 2015 Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference session lineup promises three full days of ideas and best practices — to provide you tools for the coming year. (Sessions/speakers are subject to change.)

Rafe Esquith
Real Talk for Real Teachers

Alfie Kohn
Beyond Bribes and Threats: Moving from Control to Community

Molly Barker
Putting Your Passion to Work

Lisa Navarra
Motivate Me: I Can’t Do it Alone

Dr. Thomas Armstrong
Neurodiversity in the Classroom:  Strength-Based Strategies to Help Students with Special Needs Achieve Success in School and Life

Stephanie Plain Potter
The Writing Buzz: Taking the Sting Out of Writing

Lisa Navarra
Are You Listening? Interventions to Motivate the Unfocused

Mike Shaw & Braden Dean
Case Study: Teaching Performance-Based Life Skills to Challenged Learners in British Columbia

Eric Clark
25 Tech Tools Teachers Can Use to Enhance Engagement

Dr. David Steinberg
Lead Like the Legends

Dr. Tom Maglisceau
Life Class: Transitional Preparedness for Transformational Students

Steve Lentzkow
Deduction, Inference and Speculation in Elementary School Song Text Analysis

Steven Bridge
Differentiation in Mathematics: How to Reach All Learners

Tamika McPherson & Dr. Peri-Anne Chobot
Alternative Programming for the Disenfranchised Learning-Disabled High School Student

Kelly Reddin
Addressing All Learning Styles to Engage Students in Language Arts and Literacy using LEGO StoryStarter

Dr. Thomas Armstrong
The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing: Making the Words Come Alive

Cindy Ludlam
Empowering Students Through Art, Yoga and Meditation

Laura Lamb  & Leslie Lindsey
“The Selfie Project”- Using Tumblr (Social Media) as a Teaching Tool

Kelly Reddin
State-of-Art Problem-Based Learning Strategies for Grades 1-2 Math Using LEGO MoreToMath

Kobie Beal
Introducing Incarcerated Youth to the Basic Strategies of Dog Obedience

Mark Dennis
Crossfit for Middle School Learning Disabled as an Alternative Strategy to Physical Education

Kelly Reddin
Reaching All Students through Robotics using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

Eric Clark
Connected Campus: Strategies to Assess and Encourage Student-to-Student and Student-to-Teacher Relationships

Tracy Valichnac-Davis & Amy Boniface
Looking to Jazz Up Your Notes?

The Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference provides an opportunity for teachers, administrators, curriculum directors and other educators to learn new insights and strategies for reaching and teaching students PreK-12. It emphasizes evidence-based and novel instructional practices from national-exemplary programs.

Registration $425



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