“When Lockdown Fails,” “Underlying Causes of School Injuries,” “Lessons from Sandy Hook” & More

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The inaugural NextGen School Safety Conference is coming to Atlanta June 29th.  Register now to hear speakers like Larry Wilson, Vaughn Baker, Major Loyd Stewart, Dr. Shaheen Shariff and Rick Shaw.  With access to the full Innovative Schools Conference including the Girl Bullying Conference, the School Discipline Conference and the Wired Differently Conference many session options are available.  Featured school safety sessions include:

Larry Wilson
Understanding the Underlying Causes of 90 Percent of All Unintentional School Injuries

Vaughn Baker
When Lockdown Fails: Active Shooter Response for School Personnel

Major Loyd Stewart
Professional Partnerships: The Building Blocks for School Security

Rick Shaw
Student Liabilities: Addressing Your Biggest Threat (to Your Students, Reputation & Bottom Line)

Dr. Harry Wong & Dr. Rosemary Wong
What Works? Prevention, Not Intervention

Dr. Shaheen Shariff
Sexting and Cyberbullying: Defining the Line for Digitally Empowered Kids and Young Adults

Dr. Greg Richards
Practical Applications of Adolescent  Brain Research to Improve School Safety and Culture

Dr. Steve Hutton
What Does the Brain Have to Do with School Safety Anyway?

Hunter Visser & Mike Shaw
CASE STUDY: Teaching Critical Error Reduction Techniques and Critical Thinking Skills to High School Students

Stacey Jenkins
Applying Crisis Intervention (CIT) & Criminal Profiling Tools to Stop Youth Violence

Dr. Ned Hallowell
Learning Differences, the Mind of the Entrepreneur

Major Loyd Stewart
Are You Ready for a Crisis?

Larry Wilson
Critical Error Reduction Techniques that Drive Student & Staff Safety

Gary Sigrist
Bomb Threat Protocols for Schools

Dr. Shaheen Shariff
Defining the Lines on Cyberbullying

Susan Bowman
How to Help Children and Adolescents Who Self-Injure Using Creative Media

Eric Snow
WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students)

Rick Shaw
Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook: Key Insights Every Educator Needs to Know About Student Safety 

Vaughn Baker
Behavior Pattern Recognition for School Violence

Molly Barker
Putting Your Passion to Work

Kaye Randall
See My Pain: Helping Young People Who Self-Injure

The NextGen School Safety Conference will focus on steps schools can take to prevent events such as the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, but will also address steps that can be taken to prevent more common incidents such as a student being assaulted, a teacher incurring a back injury, or a bus driver being involved in a collision.




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