School Discipline Conference Atlanta & Niagara Falls: Harry Wong: Classroom Management vs. Classroom Discipline

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Dr. Harry Wong and his wife and co-author, Dr. Rosemary Wong have prepared millions of young teachers for success at school.  According to Harry Wong, the key to “classroom management” as opposed to classroom discipline is implementing procedures from the very first day of school.

Watch Dr. Harry Wong differentiate between management and discipline.

Dr. Rosemary Wong is a former elementary school teacher whose lifetime focus has been improving academic success rates by enhancing the classroom management skills of teachers. She believes that how a child is greeted each morning is pivotal to creating a positive environment within the classroom.

Watch Dr. Rosemary Wong discuss the impact of a positive greeting.

Watch Dr. Harry Wong discuss helping each student reach his or her potential.

Dr. Harry Wong has been recognized as one of the most admired people in education.  The Wongs will present the opening keynote at the School Discipline Conference in Atlanta and Niagara Falls.  Their book, The First Days of School, has sold nearly 4 million copies and the companion book, THE Classroom Management Book, was released in 2014.

With locations this year in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Niagara Falls, Ontario the School Discipline Conference will be a must-attend gathering for principals, deans, behavior specialists, teachers, social workers, counselors and who are focused on improving academic performance by applying the most current innovations and research to the arena of behavior intervention and classroom management.


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