Lessons from Sandy Hook: Pre-Incident Indicators Webinar

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There have been at least 185 school shootings in North America since 2013 – an average of nearly one per week.

Columbine…Marysville…La Loche…Sandy Hook…rip through the headlines on an all too regular basis, and another community mourns the needless loss of students and staff.  These incidents have crossed state, cultural and socio-economic boundaries, yet they have one thing in common – post-event reports from almost every incident and tragedy reveal that “pre-incident indicators” were observed and documented.

Since the perpetrators signaled their intent ahead of time, where did the breakdowns occur?

In this eye-opening 90-minute webinar, Prevention and Risk Assessment Expert Rick Shaw will review the State Attorney’s Report on the Shooting at Sandy Hook and Student Survey data from nearly 6,500 youths, as well as other recent post-event reports. The Sandy Hook report and data from the Student Survey expose many of the same common gaps and dangerous disconnects. School administrators and Safety/Threat Assessment Team members need to be aware of the soaring liabilities and potentially tragic consequences when proactive prevention steps are not taken.

Mr. Shaw will recommend 6 essential steps on the “Path to Prevention” that must be followed to improve student safety for all students and all staff.  Every school has at-risk individuals who could be on a path to violence, aggression or self-harm.  If you are looking for what immediate steps your school can take to improve student safety for all students and staff, don’t miss this insightful webinar.

Watch Rick Shaw discuss what schools can do to prevent crises.


  • Assess common gaps and dangerous disconnects exposed in post-tragedy reports
  • Distinguish key strategies for effective training and ensuring situational awareness
  • Discuss how to improve collaboration by collecting the dots, assessing the dots and connecting the dots
  • Reveal critical procedures for connecting the dots across silos and locations
  • Review how social media “leakage” can be collected to assist with intervention and prevention
  • Review the “gold standard” for creating multi-disciplinary threat assessment teams
  • Identify of FERPA/privacy misunderstandings that can lead to costly and significant liabilities

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Identify each step in the breakdown of communication and information flow prior to a security breach and the steps for improvement
  • Describe the 6 essential steps to proactive prevention vs. reacting/damage control
  • Create threat assessment teams comprised of key collaborators using best practices
  • Utilize lessons learned to prevent liability, lawsuits, headlines and tragedies
  • Demonstrate how social media information can be collected to assist with intervention and prevention


  • Click here to register for the 11:30 am Eastern Time WEBINAR.
  • Click here to register for the 11:30 am Eastern Time SITE LICENSE
  • Click here to register for the 2:00 pm Eastern Time WEBINAR.
  • Click here to register for the 2:00 pm Eastern Time SITE LICENSE


  • Principals
  • School Safety Coordinators
  • School Resource Officers
  • Heads of School
  • Superintendents
  • Board Members
  • Risk Managers
  • Loss Control Coordinators
  • Transportation Directors


Rick Shaw is the Founder, CEO and CDO of Awareity Inc.  A developer of innovative, web-based, award-winning prevention platform for students, employees and communities.  He has more than 20 years of experience performing numerous types of assessments (threat, compliance, physical, information security, social media and others), with a focus on prevention processes across multiple industries and types of threats.  Rick’s experiences  – combined with extensive research using post-event reports, lawsuits and surveys – has helped expose the most dangerous disconnects and potential liabilities facing schools (including new threats related to social media).

In addition to working with organizational leaders, Rick has been called upon to speak at numerous conferences in the United States, Canada, South Korea and Japan for his expertise in safety (student, employee, third-party, community, etc.) and prevention.  He utilizes evidence-based data from hundreds of post-event reports and extensive research to expose each point where proper preventive tactics were possible in most incidents and tragedies.

Rick’s passion is student and child safety, and he leads an extensive research effort at Awareity to help educational leaders understand the need for comprehensive and proven prevention solutions to improve student safety and to prevent escalating consequences related to sexual abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, campus violence, suicide, human trafficking, homegrown terrorism and alcohol/drug abuse.


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