Vaughn Baker: “3 OUT” Decision-Making for Intruder Response

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NextGen School Safety Pre-Conference Speaker Vaughn Baker trains educators to act as “true first responders.”  Even if law enforcement arrives quickly, often it is too late to avoid tragedy.  He teaches a “3 OUT” decision-making model for educators responding to intruders.

Watch Vaughn Baker explain the “3 OUT” Decision-Making Model.

Vaughn is president of Strategos International and has trained thousands of educators how to be prepared for a potential incident.  A former SWAT team member who won a number of awards, he will present a pre-conference session entitled When Lockdown Fails.  He will also present a breakout session, Suicide Prevention, Awareness & Response Strategies (S.P.A.R.S.), during the main conference.

The 2016 NextGen School Safety Conference is coming to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as part of the 2016 Innovative Schools Summit Las Vegas!  Now in its second year, the NextGen School Safety Conference will focus on a variety of K-12 safety topics including avoiding intruder episodes, preventing student injuries and reducing worker comp claims.


Joe Navarro
Non-Verbal Communication Expert, Bestselling Author

Las Vegas

Dr. Sonayia Shepherd
Safety Expert, Author

Las Vegas

Rick Shaw
Threat Assessment & Prevention Expert

Las Vegas | Toronto

Larry Wilson
Internationally Known Critical Error Reduction Authority

Las Vegas | Toronto

Dr. Randy Sprick
Creator Safe & Civil Schools


Dr. Michele Borba
Bestselling Author, Internationally Recognized Educator, Media Commentator

Las Vegas

Dr. Pedro Noguera
Sociologist, Author, Expert on Impact of Society & Culture on Schools

Las Vegas

Experts and practitioners will address topics such as:

  • Preventing Intruder Episodes
  • Brain Research and School Safety
  • Crisis Management
  • Critical Error Reduction Psychology
  • Student Safety & Social Media
  • Preventing Millions of Student Injuries
  • Professional Partnerships to Enhance School Security
  • Behavior Pattern Recognition for School Violence
  • When Lockdown Fails: Active Shooter Response
  • Preventing the #1 School Worker Comp Claim
  • Preventing Incidents through Threat Assessments
  • Students with Critical Mental Health Issues
  • Driving Safety: Biggest Threat to Students & Teachers
  • Information Sharing & Privacy Rights


LAS VEGAS: June 28 – July 1, 2016
$545 USD

$425 USD

(Includes: 2 Pre-Conference Sessions + Standard Conference Registration)
Regular Price: $545
(Includes entrance into all general sessions, breakout sessions, exhibits, morning and afternoon refreshments)Regular Price: $425
TORONTO: November 11-13, 2016

$340 USD
(until 6/30)
$295 USD
(until 6/30)
(Includes: 1 Pre-Conference Session + Early Bird Conference Registration)
Regular Price: $435
(Includes entrance into all general sessions, breakout sessions, exhibits, morning and afternoon refreshments) Regular Price: $395

LAS VEGAS SESSIONS (partial listing):

The Power of Nonverbal Communication in Education

Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters

Dangerous Personalities

Economy of Emotions – Crisis Response and Recovery

WATCH D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students)

Increasing Safety Through a Security Bond Project: Prioritizing Funding While Balancing Safety & Convenience

School Safety and the Social Media Threat in a Time of Terrorism: How Schools and Police Respond

Crisis Prevention/Response for Rural K-12 Schools

Suicide Prevention, Awareness & Response Strategies (S.P.A.R.S.)

Improving School Safety by Increasing Academic Achievement

Less Paper, More Communication with the Triumph Tracking Application

Complacency and Concussions

Mindfulness: The New Safety Paradigm

Walking the Thin Line Between Risk and Reward

TORONTO SESSIONS (partial listing):

Hazard and Threat Management Communications for Schools

Why Don’t Our Most At-Risk Activities Cause Our Worst Injuries?

The Power of Connection: Teen Dating Violence, Unhealthy Relationships and School Safety

Mindfulness: The New Safety Paradigm


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