The Red Boot Coalition: Changing School Culture from the Ground Up

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Molly Barker says we are never too young to start living the Red Boot lifestyle – where problems are addressed in a culture that teaches students to engage as people, not stereotypes or labels.

Watch Molly Barker explain the origins of the Red Boot Coalition  and see it in action.

Social innovator Molly Barker is the Founder of the Red Boot Coalition and Girls on the Run. She will present a keynote address at Innovative Schools Summit Las Vegas.

Scholars struggle to consistently define and distinguish the terms, but educators agree on the need to transform both “climate” and “culture” to improve academic outcomes. This event features practical, real-world initiatives that are successfully transforming the quality, character and personality of schools.  It showcases programs, assessments and tools proven to improve school culture and climate.  Evidence-based and research-based interventions will be introduced, while the forum also highlights high-potential efforts currently being implemented in the laboratory of everyday school life.  REGISTER NOW!



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