Hot or Hotter? Choose Sessions from 4 Conferences in Atlanta or Vegas

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Join Us in Georgia – 4 Conferences/1 Location!

Dr. Pedro Noguera – Creating Conditions for Academic Excellence: What it Takes to Leave No Child Behind
To improve the educational system, School Discipline Keynote Speaker Dr. Pedro Noguera says asking the right questions is the key to moving forward.

Baruti Kafele – Closing the Attitude Gap
At-Risk Students Conference Speaker Baruti Kafele has proven himself a champion of lagging schools.  To be successful with African Americans, Latinos and other urban students (particularly males), Principal Kafele believes educators must place their unwavering focus on closing the “Attitude Gap” rather than the “Achievement Gap.”

Brian Mendler – Motivating Hard-to-Reach, Uninterested and Disruptive Students
At-Risk Students Conference Speaker Brian Mendler knows it’s possible to “get through school and not be great at it – but still be successful in life.”

David Rendall – Freaks, Deviance & Strength Wired Differently Keynoter David Rendal puts a positive spin on the paradox of students who are wired differently.

REGISTER NOW!  |  JUNE 21-24, 2017  | ATLANTA


Join Us in Vegas – 4 Conferences/One Location!

Dr. Michael Gurian – Gender & Aggression Nurturance
Innovative Schools Summit Plenary Speaker Dr. Michael Gurian says educators intuitively know that boys and girls learn differently, but often receive too little training about addressing gender differences in the classroom.

Randy Sprick: CHAMPS
School Discipline Conference Keynote Speaker and Safe and Civil Schools Creator Dr. Randy Sprick believes that safety and civility can be established across all school settings – enabling staff to lay a foundation that engages students and enhances learning.

Molly Barker – Empowering Girls through Running
Girl Bullying & Empowerment Conference Speaker Molly Barker nurtures the physical and emotional health of girls 
– through running.

Larry Thompson – Closing Exits off Road to Responsibility

School Climate & Culture Keynote Speaker Larry Thompson says students’ exits off the road to responsibility must be closed if you want to gain control of your school or classroom.



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