Sandoval: Helping Students “Show What You Know”…Advance Registration Closing

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Wired Differently Keynote Speaker Dr. Steve Sandoval believes pairing a Competency-Based System along with an Interventionist Framework is fundamental to special service delivery.  How does the learner-centered classroom differ from a traditional classroom?

  • Learning matters most, time matters least
  • Level progression can happen at any time
  • Learning has continuous flow from year to year
  • Multi-age classrooms are the norm
  • Interventionists have collaborative conversations
  • Interventionists blend expertise and services
  • Interventionists no longer “own” students
  • Interventionists study student data and problem-solve.

Executive Director of Special Services for Westminster Public Schools in the Denver area. Dr. Sandoval was recently named one of Education Week’s Leaders to Learn From.  Dr. Sandoval will present a keynote session in Atlanta.

Now in its 5th year, the Wired Differently Conference is an information-packed event that showcases a wide array of best practices for reaching and teaching students with emotional and behavioral challenges — especially in inclusive settings.  REGISTER NOW!

PRE-CONFERENCE OPPORTUNITIES – 6/21/17 – Register for a conference bundle!

Morning Sessions: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • Brian Mendler, M.Ed. – Motivating & Managing Hard-to-Reach, Uninterested & Disruptive Students
  • Rick Fernandez, Ed.D. – Hiring and Staffing for Success with Turnaround Schools
  • Rick Shaw – Active Shooter: Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook & Other Violent Incidents
  • Craig McCullough – Autism & Trauma Connections and Interactions – What Educators Need to Understand

Afternoon Sessions: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  • Larry Thompson, M.Ed. – Closing the Exits off the Road to Responsibility: Supportive, Non-Exclusionary Discipline
  • Mike Paget, M.Ed. – Positive Behavioral Supports with Students Who Are Wired Differently
  • Brad Chapin, MS, LCP, LMLP – Self- Regulation Training: Framework for Success
  • Mike Shaw – Youth Risk-Taking Behavior: Shifting the Mindset

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