Final Reminder: Girl Drama Webinar Tomorrow @ 11:30 am or 2:00 pm ET!

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Girl friendships are intense and all-encompassing from early elementary years on; but cliques, power struggles and an intense desire to belong create a ripe field for relational aggression. Describing the emotional milieu girls face as they grow, bestselling author Lisa Damour, Ph.D  reminds us that a girl’skey support system – her tribe – consists of peers who are also as reactive and erratic as they will ever be. (She) works hard every day to harness powerful and unpredictable emotions so that she can get on with doing everything else she means to do.”

How can educators reduce and prevent drama among school-age girls?

Teachers, counselors and administrators can help guide girls to define what makes a healthy friendship. As a family therapist in the St. Louis area and founder of the SistaKeeper organization, Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed., LPC has focused much of her career on working with girls. In this 90-minute webinar, she will discuss the impact of social aggression and the factors that motivate relational aggression. She will share tools to develop a trauma-free space to promote girl empowerment.  She will also discuss the benefits of gender-specific programming that promotes strength and resiliency in girls.

This webinar will provide tools for promoting pro-social behaviors like kindness, sharing and empathy in girls K-12, while improving their attitude toward school and reducing depression and stress. Attendees will receive terrific ideas that can be implemented either this year or in the fall!


  • Understanding what motivates aggression
  • Solutions to prevent mental and emotional effects
  • Cliques vs Keepers
  • Culturally-relevant techniques to empower the whole girl


  • Define verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Discover ways to foster emotional awareness
  • Explore the benefits of gender-specific programming
  • Discern what relational aggression looks like at different ages
  • Discover the reasons behind why girls engage in RA.
  • Get the tools to develop a trauma-free environment.

Watch Tracie Berry-McGhee describe a strategy for building emotional literacy in girls.


  • School Psychologists
  • Principals & Assistant Principals
  • Other School Administrators
  • School Counselors
  • Counselors in Agencies and Private Practice
  • Teachers
  • School Nurses
  • Special Education Personnel
  • Social Workers (All levels)
  • After-School Program Coordinators
  • At-Risk Coordinators
  • School Resource Officers

Thursday, June 8th @
11:30 am & 2:00 pm Eastern Time



CLICK HERE TO REGISTER WITH A PURCHASE ORDER.  We also accept purchase orders by fax or mail.

For questions about this webinar or how to register, email or call 800-251-6805.


Tracie Berry-McGhee founded the SistaKeeper Empowerment Center in St. Louis 12 years ago with the mission of empowering, inspiring and developing the mind, body and spirit of young women. SistaKeeper has since spread to other locations within the United States, as well as to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Tracie also continues to serve the community via her private counseling practice, which specializes in women and teen girl issues. She is often called upon to speak on topics such as conflict resolution, dealing with low self-esteem and bullying.  Tracie is the author of SistaKeeper Poetry for the Soul, I’m a Keeper and OWN your NOW.


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