Gamification & Alternate Reality Learning Environments

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The debate around the efficacy of gaming in the classroom is ongoing, yet there is a noteworthy emerging “edutainment” trend that showcases
a wide array of cognitive competencies.

Alternate Reality-Based Learning Environments:  Students are in a room with all they need to “escape” within a predetermined time period. The group can only use the resources inside the room, however, they can use any technology they bring with them to help them solve the various puzzles and problems presented to them.  The “escape room” concept allows educators to frame STEAM subjects in a fun, playful — yet challenging — activity where students are required to utilize problem-solving skills, self-directed learning, collaboration skills and intrinsic motivation to win. (Bennani, Bennet, Jones, Luchs & Novak)

This topic will be explored by Dr. Marquita Blades during her Escape the Lab©: A STEM Escape Room Investigation presentation at the Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference in Atlanta.  REGISTER NOW!

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