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Molly Barker Names Tracie Berry-McGhee 1st “Ripple Person”

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These two inspiring women recently met at the Las Vegas Innovative Schools Summit in June. Both Girls on the Run and SistaKeeper STL have a laser-like focus on encouraging friendship, sisterhood and building other types of supportive relationships among girls.  We are excited to see how these two powerhouses continue to empower girls and women! Thank you Molly and Tracie!

Molly Barker meeting Tracie Berry-McGhee
Molly Barker meeting Tracie Berry-McGhee

(Taken from Molly Barker’s Facebook:

Let me joyfully introduce the first Ripple Person of the Ride! Tracy Berry-McGhee. She is the founder and creator of SistaKeeper STL. Tracy is an inspiring woman using the power of the spoken word and listening circles to give voice to girls in communities throughout St. Louis (and the nation.)

She kindly gave me a tour of her community yesterday. Here are some photos highlighting our time together.

We ate lunch at Cathy’s Kitchen and Tracy introduced me to Cathy Jenkins. Kind, warm and welcoming she stopped by our table to be sure the food was up to the reputation the restaurant had acquired. Tracy told me the story of how folks from Ferguson, locked arms in front of Cathy’s Kitchen to ward off violent protestors during the verdict protests. The restaurant has been a gathering place of kindness, love and warmth…for years…and still is.

She drove me to the Ferguson swimming pool, where kids of all colors flew down the swirly sliding board and families lay out in the sun.

She drove me through the apartment complex where Michael Brown lived. I saw the spot on the road where he died. There is now a newer square of black asphalt that covers the spot. There were apartments on either side close to the road, kids playing and folks sitting out on their porches.

Tracy and I spent a good amount of time in her office…a very warm and welcoming space…a small table fountain gurgling peaceful waters. I smelled the faint hint of incense. Posters of strong African-American women on the wall and empowering quotes and words of wisdom were scattered everywhere.

We talked and talked and listened to one another. Tracy’s program is powerful. She empowers through listening. She creates safe places for girls to share their fears, their hopes, their anger, their sorrows, their dreams…their love. She speaks of the feminine divine and the healing gifts it can bring to our wounded neighborhoods and the people who live in them. She has introduced Sista Keepers to hundreds of folks and wants to introduce it to hundreds more. I look forward to helping her however I can.

We finished up the day walking the Labyrinth at the Zion Church in Florissant, MI. I felt the peace I’d be searching for on my way out here, settle in. Finally.

I heard a distant train let go it’s mournful noise and thought of the poem my new and fast friend Robert, shared with me just this morning.

I found a cardinal feather.

Molly Barker's photo.
Molly Barker's photo.
Molly Barker's photo.
Molly Barker's photo.

Angry, Adversarial & Avoidant Students: Strategies for Working Effectively

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May 5, 2015 @ 11:30 am & 2:00 pm (Eastern Time).
Register now for this timely opportunity to be trained by
Aaron Wiemeier, MS, LPC
through this 90-minute live webinar (1.5.CE hours).

Author Aaron Wiemeier, MS, LPC, will create a new foundation upon which educators can distinguish at-risk behaviors and work more effectively with the most challenging students. A specialist in brain physiology and working with youth who have experienced trauma, he will address the latest research on the primary obstacles to success and debunk myths associated with standard practices that can often hinder behavioral intervention from the start. This 90-minute live webinar will provide essential information for professionals who work with at-risk children and youth to incorporate appropriate interactions early.

Webinar highlights will include:

  • 5 key do’s and don’ts when working with angry, adversarial and avoidant students
  • 14 most important concepts when working with deep-rooted emotional and behavior issues
  • Top 5 myths about violent and adversarial children debunked
  • 20 creative interventions to break through cyclical behavior
  • Establishing healthy accountability

Webinar attendees will:

  • Integrate school-wide and community-based interventions for at-risk youth
  • Identify best practices to establish healthy accountability for students and staff
  • Restructure inactions and overcome obstacles to effectively guide angry, adversarial and avoidant children/youth toward success in school and life
  • Transform self-defeating cognitions to build toward positive behavioral outcomes with at-risk students


  • Click here to register for the 11:30 am Eastern Time WEBINAR.
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  • Click here to register for the 2:00 pm Eastern Time WEBINAR.
  • Click here to register for the 2:00 pm Eastern Time SITE LICENSE.


  • Classroom Teachers
  • School Counselors
  • Social Workers (Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Principals and Administrators
  • Special Education Personnel
  • At-Risk Coordinators
  • Behaviorists
  • Intervention Specialists
  • After-School Program Coordinators
  • School Psychologists
  • Community Youth Program Coordinators
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinators
  • Law Enforcement/SROs


Aaron Wiemeier, MS, LPC

Aaron Wiemeier, MS, LPC has been practicing for 16 years with at-risk children and families in the foster care and adoptive system. A specialist in the area of attachment and trauma, with a particular emphasis on the neurophysiology of trauma, he uses a practical, and often experiential, community-based approach to helping and empowering families and individuals to overcome the effects of trauma. He is an adjunct professor at a local university and a regular trainer for multiple agencies and organizations in the state of Colorado.  Aaron’s My Feelings Workbook is often used by counselors and other professionals to help traumatized children understand the emotions associated with a traumatic experience on the non-verbal body level.

Having an interest in brain physiology and a passion for working with children and families, Aaron combines the two paradigms to help children and families overcome, integrate and move beyond traumatic experiences. He combines a pragmatic forthright approach with his unique style of connecting with others to facilitate this process. Aaron specializes in working with PTSD, anxiety, anger, attachment disorder, depression and conduct/oppositional defiant disorder – especially in children and adolescents.