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Molly Barker: Experience-Based Life Skills Lessons

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Molly Barker’s experience-based Girls on the Run program has been used with more than 1 million girls.  For more than a decade, the curriculum has been helping girls develop the “5 C’s +1”:  competence, confidence, connection, character, caring and contribution.

Watch Molly Barker describe the experience-based GOTR curriculum.

Barker’s program combines the experience of training for a 5K with 12 weeks of life skills lesson – providing girls with the tools to embrace their individual strengths and successfully navigate life experiences.  She will present a keynote entitled Putting Your Passion to Work to Innovative Teaching Strategies attendees in Las Vegas, together with attendees from other Innovative Schools Summit events.

The Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference provides an opportunity for teachers, administrators, curriculum directors and other educators to learn about new insights and strategies for reaching and teaching students PreK-12. It emphasizes evidence-based and novel instructional practices from national-exemplary programs.





School Safety: Media Coverage vs. Reality

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Media coverage of the hazards faced in K-12 schools is vastly out of proportion with the actual risks students and teachers face, according to a recent report that looked at government data from 1998-2012.

Including the Columbine and Sandy Hook incidents, deaths from active shooter incidents average about 4 per year, according to a report written by Stephen C. Satterly Jr. On the other hand, school transportation deaths average about 35 per year. Other “hot-button” issues like gang incidents and bullying result in 2 or fewer deaths per year.

school safety stats table

At the NextGen Conference, school safety coordinators, school resource officers, principals, heads of school, superintendents, board members, student services directors, risk management directors, loss control coordinators, transportation directors, health services coordinators, school nurses and human resources personnel will come together to focus on all aspects of improving the physical safety of students.

(til Apr. 30th, 2015)
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Dr. Robert Bowman: Using Deception & Sleight-of-Hand to Teach Critical Truths

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Innovative Counseling Strategies Speaker Dr. Robert “Bob” Bowman brings a creative —  even magical — flair to communicating life lessons to students.

Watch Dr. Bob Bowman and “Rosie” demonstrate the effect of put-downs on others.

Author of more than 20 books including Children Helping Children, Test Buster Pep Rally, Peer Pals, and developer of McDonald’s® Study Buddy Program, Dr. Bowman will present a breakout session entitled Motivating Discouraged Students: Unique Approaches for Encouraging Self-Change in Disconnected Young People.

Now in its 5th year, this idea-filled event brings together internationally known speakers and groundbreaking practitioners to focus on the novel, creative, practical side of counseling students K-12.  Attendees will discover research-proven and field-tested tools and techniques to help them connect with and empower students with various types of challenges.



  • Students with Self-Destructive Beliefs
  • Socially Alienated Students
  • Bullies, Targets and Bystanders
  • Resistant Students
  • Defiant Students
  • Apathetic Young People

With attendees expected from throughout the United States and Canada, the Innovative Counseling Strategies Conference will provide an excellent opportunity for networking with hundreds of educators and other professionals interested in discovering innovative and effective strategies for reaching and helping students in the school or private setting.


  • Music
  • Metaphors / Props
  • Magic Tricks
  • Journaling
  • Story Telling
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Puppets
  • Brain Spectrum Imaging

Managing Oppositional Behavior: Essential Communication Skills Webinar

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April 21, 2015 @ 11:30 am & 2:00 pm (Eastern Time).
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Lisa Navarra, M.A.
through this 90-minute live webinar (1.5.CE hours).

In this informative 90-minute webinar, educator and national speaker Lisa Navarra will provide practical techniques for preventing and managing problem behaviors.   Once mastered, these positive behavior supports will become the backbone of effective classroom management – drastically reducing oppositional behaviors.

It’s Not Just Talk! will address:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Perception
  • Limit-Setting
  • Proxemics
  • Body Language
  • Para-Verbal Communication

This webinar will offer easy-to-implement techniques that can keep a simple directive from escalating into a teacher/student power struggle. When used properly, research has shown that such positive behavior supports can increase direct teacher instruction time as well as on-task student behavior. Educators can maximize the power of these supports by understanding the guiding forces of perception over their actions and the reactions of their students.  These communication skills will help educators to make impactful connections with students to help them maximize their academic and behavioral potential:

Webinar attendees will:

  • Demonstrate the basics of emotional intelligence
  • Identify different perspectives of the same situation
  • Proactively use proximity to maximize nonverbal communication
  • Demonstrate Dos and Don’ts of power struggles with students
  • Consider how body language impacts behavior and actions when communicating with students
  • Examine the world of para-verbal communication
  • Create a positive environment while managing challenging behaviors


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Lisa Navarra, M.A.

Lisa Navarra is the founder of Child Behavior Consulting, LLC, working to make a difference in the lives of children and to empower others through the use of knowledge and motivational techniques. She provides faculty/staff workshops and presentations locally and nationally for educators, service providers and parents. Lisa has found her passion in the education of self-awareness and effective communication skills as it relates to behavior, motivation and learning.

Lisa continues to serve as a special education teacher, behavior specialist and crisis intervention specialist in New York. She is a certified Crisis Prevention Institute instructor and a member of the Long Island Social Emotional Literacy Forum Executive Committee. She has taught and consulted with students from preschool through high school, and has served as adjunct professor at the university level. Lisa received a proclamation from New York State Senator Caesar Trunzo for her “foresight and dedication” in the recognition of one of her several funded grants.

Within her desire for change and growth, Lisa is actively working with state legislators to promote positive school climates, to address school mental health issues and to improve teacher preparation courses.




Principal Kafele: The Key to School Success

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School success, says School Discipline Keynoter Baruti Kafele, hinges primarily upon strong leadership.

Watch Principal Kafele discuss how strong leaders can create an atmosphere conducive to academic success.

Principal Kafele will present a keynote session entitled The Intentionality of Excellence at the School Discipline Conference Las Vegas and Atlanta. He will also present a breakout session during the main conference.

Now in its fourth year, the School Discipline Conference continues to expand as it serves educators throughout the United States and Canada by presenting the latest innovations in school discipline and classroom management.  This groundbreaking conference assembles internationally recognized experts, while also featuring practitioners who have developed promising approaches and programs in day-to-day school life.

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Dr. Harry Wong: Realizing Potential in Every Student

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You Don’t Want To Miss the 2015 Girl Bullying & Empowerment Conference!



Internationally known author and speaker Dr. Harry Wong understands that the key to making a difference in the life of a student is knowing how to bring out his or her best.  

Watch Dr. Harry Wong discuss helping each student reach his or her potential.

Recognized as one of the most admired people in education, Dr. Wong and his wife and co-author, Dr. Rosemary Wong, will present the opening keynote to Girl Bullying & Empowerment Conference attendees and other educators at the Innovative Schools Summits in Atlanta and Niagara Falls.  Their book, The First Days of School, has sold nearly 4 million copies — and the companion book, THE Classroom Management Book, was released in 2014.

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Lajvardi: “What Am I Capable Of?”

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Fredi Lajvardi’s MIT-beating robotics teams have usually been comprised of students – often undocumented – who have grown up in poverty.  They have also included students with learning differences and mental/behavioral challenges.  He asks them to dream “what am I capable of?”

Watch Fredi Lajvardi describe how students who are “wired differently” can benefit from STEM-related activities.

Fredi Lajvardi will present a keynote session at the Wired Differently Conference Las Vegas – which includes the Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference, the School Discipline Conference and the Girl Bullying Conference.  Registrants can attend any Summit session on a space-available basis.

Now in its 3rd year, the Wired Differently Conference assembles this summer in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Niagara Falls. A wide array of critical insights and best practices will be shared for reaching and teaching students with emotional and behavioral conditions – individually, in groups and in inclusive settings.



Advance Registration $350
(til Apr. 30th)
Regular Registration $425

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